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XYZ Primary was designed by our team of passionate music teachers to make the subject accessible to as many children as possible. Building some level of fluency in the subject of music can have long term benefits for the students when it comes to self esteem, resilience and learning how to express themselves creatively.

Having consistent music lessons and positive artistic influence will gradually have an osmosis effect on the students.

Along with building a growth mindset and resilience with students, we also hope to increase the confidence levels in the teachers. Giving teachers access to a library of teacher training videos along with regular CPD sessions, we want teachers to treat the subject as a recreational release as opposed to a curriculum necessity which can be seen as an inconvenience.

Non specialist teachers are encouraged to feel like a student in the lesson. It’s important that we shed the need to be seen as a master of the subject. This is unnecessary pressure which leads to added stress and anxiety when teaching the subject. Accepting a level of vulnerability in the subject, allows students to see the teacher trying something new which in turn will influence the students confidence when attempting the same task. The teachers advantage over a visiting music teacher is often the quality of relationship with the students along with a level of respect and behavioural management skill.

By cultivating this new mindset we hope to bring a new level of joy to the subject by both students and teachers. We look forward to working with you to make this change.

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